Have you recently started a business as a professional organizer?  Are you thinking about starting a business as a professional organizer?

Professional Organizing Coaching

My coaching begins with a 3 hour, one on one consultation - at my home - without interruptions. During this session I will walk you through the steps of getting your business off the ground or anything in specific you would like to cover.  We can decide what you would like to have me cover in this session.  You'll walk away with plenty of good ideas on networking, marketing, advertising, how to work with clients, etc.   You will receive a binder that contains an outline of the information we will cover during the 3 hour consultation.

The three hour coaching session is $250.00.  I am currently taking coaching clients on Fridays at my home in Plainfield.

Let me know if you would be interested.  I would be happy to discuss this program in further details.  I am very flexible and can adjust my coaching to fit your individual needs.  Contact me at beth@joeorganizer.com or (815) 436-1578.

Read what others are saying about their coaching experience:

Beth Randall as a Professional Organizing Coach

      It is said that people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.  Beth Randall definitely came into mine for a reason: to be my professional organizing coach and mentor.  Through an almost serendipitous meeting, I quickly realized that this was a person from whom I could learn crucial skills and who genuinely wanted to see me succeed.  I liked her instantly, and the longer I know her, the more I respect her.

    Beth is a great combination of professionalism, knowledge, focus and compassion.  She has created a coaching program and manual that provide great detail on the necessary steps to take in starting a professional organizing business.  As she herself stresses, why reinvent the wheel?  Better to learn from someone who has had success already and hit the ground running!

      After shadowing Beth on a job, I really came to appreciate how good she is at what she does.  She is also business savvy and focused on maximizing her profit, while at the same time approachable and friendly.  She provides guidance on not only what has worked for her, but also what has worked for other professional organizers.  And she genuinely enjoys helping others succeed.

    The belief that we are all better for sharing information and helping one another succeed is at the core of Beth’s success as a coach.  She sees the value in training professional organizers, so that the industry as a whole is well represented by qualified professionals.  She has a gift and has chosen to share it, much to the benefit of students like myself.

      I must talk about Beth a lot, because even though my husband has not yet met her, he has commented to me more than once that, “Beth really seems to have her act together.  She’s sharp and you are learning so much from her.  You’re so lucky to have met her.”  And you know, he’s absolutely right!  Thanks, Beth!

Karen McGregor

President -Organize It!                                                                                                                     

Bonfield, Illinois







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